ROJ to IEC C19 Power Cords - Locking

Blunt Cut to IEC C19 Locking Power Cords - 16 Amps ROJ to IEC320 C19 Locking Equipment Power Supply Cords

Molded C19 Connector with IEC Lock. The design allows a quick secure connection for the C19 end to any C20 Inlet or Plug. Prevent inadvertent disconnects with the patented IEC-LOCK. The elegance of the solution is that NO proprietary mating inlet or plug is required. To order Custom lengths or different strip lengths of jacket and conductor use our custom configuration tools

  • Supply end:Remove Outer Jacket with Slug
  • Equipment end: IEC 320 C19

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IEC60320 C14 to C13 Locking Power Cords
Unterminated to IEC 60320 C19 Connector Locking
Jacket Gauge/Wires Length Volts Amps Availability Click on the item # for detailed specifications.
SJT 14/3 AWG 6 feet 125 or 250 Volts 16 Amps
Custom Build.
Item: #8987


SJT 14/3 AWG 15 feet 125 or 250 Volts 16 Amps
In stock.
Item: #8990