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AC Plug Adapters for Nicaragua
Example Plug Grounded Universal Receptacle to North American (NEMA 5-15) Plug
Non-Grounded Universal Receptacle to North American (NEMA 1-15) Plug
The universal receptacle on these adapters will accept most worldwide plugs except the 16 amp "large" British BS 546 (Indian/South African) plug. In many countries less-commonly-used outlets may be found.  Therefore, we do not guarantee the accuracy of this information. Use this adapter if your appliance supports 110~120 volt electricity (consult your appliance's label or manual).
Electrical Specifications in Nicaragua
Voltage: 120 Volts North American appliances with NEMA 1-15 or 5-15 plugs should function normally with no modification of voltage required.  However, the NEMA 1-15 receptacles may not be polarized (one vertical blade taller than the other) and you may not have access to NEMA 5-15 grounded receptacles. Therefore, the North American adapters above are recommended if your appliances' plugs are polarized or have a grounding pin 
Frequency: 60Hz North American 110-120 volt electricity is generated at 60 Hz (cycles).