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International Power Guide

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Country Voltage Hertz Plug Types
Switzerland 230 Voltz AC 50Hz C, J

VOLTAGE - AC Plug adapters DO NOT convert voltage. If your device doesn't accept this country's voltage range, serious damage or injury may occur if you do not also use a Two-Way Transformer to convert the voltage. Transformers do NOT convert Hertz. The transformer's wattage rating must exceed the wattage of the device.

Hertz North American electricity is 110-120 volts supplied at 60 Hz (cycles per second). Most international electricity is 220-240 volts supplied at 50 Hz (cycles per second). This difference in frequency may cause the motor in your 60 Hz North American appliance to operate slightly slower when supplied with 50 Hz voltage. Devices such as clocks may not function normally at 50 Hz.

International Types
Specification Info Products We Sell
Drawing Voltage Amperage Wires Poles Standard Type C Products

Type C
250V AC 2.5 amps 2 Wires 2 Poles 2 Round Pins,
No Ground
Cord Plug Connector Outlet
Adapter Power Strips Two-Way Transformers
Drawing Voltage Amperage Wires Poles Standard Type J Products

Type J
250V AC 10/16 amps 3 Wires 2 Poles 2 Round Pins,
High Ground Pin
Cords Plugs Connectors Outlets
Adapter Power Strips Switzerland PDU Stripers Two-Way Transformers