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Cable Length Tolerances
ANSI   Metric
≤ 1 ft ±1 in   ≤ 0.3 M ±25 mm
> 1 ft to 5 ft ±2 in   > 0.3 M to 1.5 M ±50 mm
> 5 ft to 10 ft ±4 in   > 1.5 to 3 M ±100 mm
> 10 ft to 25 ft ±6 in   > 3 M to 7.5 M ±150 mm
> 25 ft Shorter of ±5% or 1 ft   > 7.5 M Shorter of ±5% or 300mm

Explanation of Cord Length Tolerances

There are many opinions about where cord measurements begin and end; as such we have established tolerances to accommodate various interpretations.

(e.g. Measurements could begin from the end of the contact pins, end of mold, end of strain relief, end of cord, end of weatherproof flip cover (if any), end of jacket strip, end of conductor strip, end of applied terminals, etc.)