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HUBBELL HBL2811 AC Plug NEMA L21-30 Male

HUBBELL HBL2811 AC Plug NEMA L21-30 Male
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Manufacturer: Hubbell
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3ØY 120/208 Volts AC
30 Amps
NEMA L21-30 IP20
Cord Gauge
16 - 8 AWG
Poles / Wires
4 Pole, 5 Wire
Cord Grip Range
.350 - 1.150 in.
.35 lbs.

Technical Notes

Twist-Lock was invented by Hubbell and is a patented term. Locking plugs have the pins arrayed in a circular manner. The plug is inserted into the female side and twisted to lock in place. Assure the Plug will fit on the cord you are using and will mate with the female side used in your application.

Male Plug is mounted (terminated) on a power cord and interfaces with either a female connector, wall receptacle, or female outlet.

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