StayOnline provides the most reliable power cord supply chain management. We can leverage our USA and off-shore molding capabilities to deliver the right cord, when you need it. Just select the lead-time that best meets your needs.
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Build Your Own Cords. Choose from the product categories below to design a unique cord that includes a product name, SKU for convenient reordering, lead time, price, and a PDF drawing or product image. Place the order with us and we'll make your custom product.

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Why Partner with StayOnline...

  • Largest in-stock selection of power cords and adapters in the industry.
  • Cords molded and/or assembled in the USA and around the globe.
  • Industry-leading turnaround time.
  • Ability to ship to 100+ countries.
  • Shipments from North America offered with no minimum order quantity.
  • Protection from dangerous counterfeit product with full traceability QMS.
  • Engage with our expert electrical and plastics engineers for design and development.