Custom power cords and power supplies are used by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in a wide variety of applications, both in the domestic and international markets. Many industries have power- or size-specific requirements, or present unique design challenges; this can make it difficult for users to find the power cords they need for a given application.

On the consumer side, things are a bit easier, since power cord requirements aren’t nearly as varied. In industry however, it’s not a grab-and-go proposition. A power cord that was designed for a hospital may not be the best fit for a data center application nor a marine environment. That’s why they’re called custom power cords, since each cord is crafted for a specific application.  But in addition to application, customers turn to custom power cords to meet specific installations that may require a different color, length, jacket, or other configuration that companies just don’t stock.

Custom for Speed

There’s another big advantage to going custom, and that’s speed. With today’s robust supplier infrastructures that get products out with dizzying speed, everyone—both consumers and business users—has gotten used to nearly immediate fulfillment. Of course, speed doesn’t mean much if the wrong product, or an inferior product, shows up.

What businesses need is a one-stop shop for power cords that offers a knowledgeable, experienced staff, high-quality components, and timely fulfillment. In addition to a quality inventory of power cords and supplies, they must be able to supply custom power cords configured to meet the user’s application requirements. Today, end users need a company that provides prompt service and custom-built UL-listed, TAA compliant power cords as quickly as possible.

“A Day in the Life”

Here’s a timeline—or a day in the life—of a recent StayOnline custom power cord order:

Tuesday 6:00p – A member of the US military stationed in Hawaii, working with a base in Japan, reaches out to StayOnline sales about expediting a custom power cord.

Tuesday 6:30p – A StayOnline sales rep contacts sales manager to confirm that the cord could be built on the required timeline.

Tuesday 9:00p – Sales manager confirms with sales rep and pings engineering on raw materials / BOM for cord.

Wednesday 7:00a – Engineering replies to sales manager with BOM, and grid location of all raw materials for the custom cord.

Wednesday 8:30a – Sales manager hand-picks materials from warehouse and delivers them to the custom desk, where the individual cord will be built.

Wednesday 9:30a – Cord is built and ready to ship.

Wednesday 1:20p – Customer confirms address for shipping via email.

Wednesday 2:15p – StayOnline customer service contacts customer for payment.

Wednesday 3:00p – Warehouse team packages and ships cord bound for Japan and immediately delivery.


This is the kind of efficiency and speed that organizations, large or small, need and should expect from their custom power cord supplier. Need a custom cord, and fast?  For more information about StayOnline’s custom solutions, please visit our CordBuilder tool to see how you can design, price, and order the exact cord you are looking for.  You can also reach us by phone at 888/346-4688 or by email at