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If you're managing a facility that uses a lot of electrical equipment, you may find yourself with a tangle of messy - and potentially dangerous - wires supplying all that power. If you think that you just have to live with the mess of extension cords because of the limitations caused by where your outlets are, guess again. Find out more about how custom extension cords can help you keep your facility free of the potential hazards that come with too many cords below.


Custom Extension Cords Work For Your Specific Equipment

If you're like most businesses, you probably have invested in laptops and desktops, and potentially servers, firewalls, network appliances, and printers. All of these pieces of equipment require connection to an outlet, and some may have specialty outlet needs. With custom extension cords, you have the chance to get the right combination of outlets and spots to plug in your equipment to keep your facility running as it's meant to.


No More Tangled Cords

One issue with generic power cords is that you may have to use a combination of too many of them just to get the right number of outlets needed for your equipment. You may also need a number of extension cords if your equipment isn't located close to an outlet, and having too many can really clog up your facility's space and even can be a potential tripping hazard. With custom extension cords, you have the chance to design a power cord that works best for the equipment that you have in the way that you need it.


Made to Fit Your Needs

Whatever types of outlets or plugs you need for your electrical equipment, there's a custom extension cord that can be used. Whether you need custom power cables or a drop down power outlet, you can be sure that you're getting the right power equipment for your facility. With a custom cord, you'll have all of the outlets you need for your equipment in the best possible configuration to meet your facility's needs.

Whatever type of facility you're running, you're likely using electrical equipment. When you're finding the best way to power your equipment, you should consider custom extension cords to help you get the best configuration. For more information on the custom cords offered by StayOnline, feel free to browse our site and come to us with any questions you may have.

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