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Making your network more robust comes with a wide range of benefits. Sometimes it is the little things that can help, like custom power cords to shore up the connectivity of your hardware. Other times, making your network stronger is a bit more complex.

The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted about 36% of businesses to commit to improving their IT systems and strengthening their networks. There are a few tips that you can follow to improve your network.



Upgrading hardware can result in a stronger network. If you have not upgraded your hardware in five years or more, it is time you evaluate whether your hardware is meeting your organization's needs. Check speed, capacity, and yes, check to see if custom extension cords can boost performance. New hardware will strengthen your network, improve reliability, and improve security.


Updated software designed to your organization's specific needs can also make your network stronger. Consider updated software a partner to your updated hardware. Make sure you use reliable sources for your software needs to strengthen your network. Look for features that will improve reliability, security, remote access, and more. Just like a custom extension cord is a simple yet highly important tool for your hardware performance, custom features are a very important aspect of your software.


Security is essential to building a stronger network. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated in their hacking. Viral threats are still prevalent, but now they come with a twist. Ransomware is shutting down some of the biggest corporations and holding them hostage. You do not want this to happen to you. Multilayer security is a must today. IT monitoring services can help to prevent break-ins and unauthorized access. Many businesses have gone to a fully remote workforce, which requires a lot more effort when it comes to security.

There is no single right way to build a stronger network. Typically, it takes a layered approach that includes every area of the network to improve reliability, security, performance, and speed. Every area of your network needs to be examined and audited to find the areas that need improvement. Hardware, software, even custom power cords can all make a tremendous difference to the strength of your network.

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