Great cable management is a critical part of successfully operating a data center, for this is where the processing, storing, distribution, and ultimately the streamlining of all data occurs. For data centers to be an ideal resource for businesses, they must be appropriately organized. While much emphasis is placed on the management of data cabling, we have found that managing power cabling at the rack level is often an afterthought.

Why is Cable Management Important in Data Centers?

There are some key points to understand when it comes to custom power cables. Power cable management not only creates an appealing look for data centers, but it also creates a safe working environment. When color-coded power cables are used, operators can quickly identify the use of the equipment, or the source of power being fed to each device. StayOnline customers use custom color-coded power cords to distinguish A and B power feeds, for example. We also ship custom cords that are used to differentiate server, storage, and network equipment, or to identify different projects or builds.

Label Your Custom Power Cables

As is the case with data cabling, labeling is an ideal way to manage power cables. Each end of the cable should be labeled to make its purpose easy to identify, which StayOnline can do at the customer’s request. The better your labels, the easier and faster it will be to manage data transmission. In addition, when cables are color-coded, technicians will know at a glance which cable goes with which piece of equipment.

Organize Your Custom Power Cables by Length

Along with labeling and color-coding, organizing power cables according to length can have many advantages. In fact, power cables can be manufactured to specified lengths. Cables that are longer than the distance they need to cover can lead to a dangerous, tangled mess. When cables are too long, they tend to bunch up, which makes managing them more difficult. Custom-length cabling reduces the volume of cabling at the back of the rack which ultimately helps to improve airflow.

Invest in High-Quality, Custom Power Cables

When purchasing power cables, always opt for high quality. Inexpensive cables can cause noise and interference, which can compromise your data operations. As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for,” and opting for high-quality power cables will always improve efficiency and performance within the delicate environment of a data center.

When planning for data center management, consider these tips for organizing your cables. When data and power cables are appropriately organized, you’ll have a safer and more streamlined work environment that can keep up with the demands of your data.

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