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What are ferrules?

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*All pendant drops are non-UL.

These products are Assembled in the U.S.A. and are TAA compliant.

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Overhead Drop Electrical Drop

NEC - National Electrical Code


(A)Uses. Flexible cords and cables shall be used only for the following:


210.50(A) Cord Pendants. A cord connector that is supplied by a permanently connected cord pendant shall be considered a receptacle outlet.

314.23(H) Pendant Boxes. An enclosure supported by a pendant shall comply with 314.23(H)(1)

314.23(H)(1) Flexible Cord. A box shall be supported from a multi-conductor cord or cable in an approved manner that protects the conductors against strain, such as a strain-relief connector threaded into a box with a hub.

Pendants [210.50(A) and 314.23(H)] if the cords are identified for pendant use in Table 400.4

Table 400.5(A)(I)and(2) Allowable Ampacity for Flexible Cords and Cables. For 5 wire Female ends the power factor must be greater than 50% or the assembly is de-rated 20%.