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Did you know that according to FinancesOnline, about 55% of small businesses have realized that they have less-than-ideal processing times? Because of this figure, technological applications that make operations more efficient were expected to grow in 2021 and 2022. While custom extension cords aren't solely responsible for processing in facilities, they are integral in keeping electrical equipment in a facility running 24/7, which in turn helps businesses stay on top of their processing times and deadlines.

In short, businesses that house and operate electrical equipment for their processes need custom extension cords. Here are four benefits to using custom extension cords that you should consider:

Improve Safety

Having numerous types of branded and/or off-brand plugs and cords throughout a facility can become a safety hazard, especially if they're not clearly marked with the appropriate labels. Custom extension cords with a planned layout and the proper labeling keep an operation safe and tidy. With the proper training, you can ensure that all your employees know where extension cords are located and precisely what their function is. Keep in mind that StayOnline can ship your cords pre-labeled from the factory.

Be Efficient

A custom extension cord is just that: 100% customized to the user’s specifications. Purchasing personalized cords is ideal for any business type that relies on powered resources. Custom cords allow far more latitude in configuring your operations as you see fit as well—with the proper planning, you can ensure the best configurations for your facility with the help of employees and managers.

Meet Deadlines

As stated before, an efficient business meets its deadlines. With the right custom extension cords, your facility will run all day and all night without issue because you set up the space as you see fit, with all connections and load specifications properly addressed. When your business meets its goals, it ensures customer satisfaction and will become more successful!

Reduce Waste

With extension cords custom-made for your facility, you'll have the personalized cords you need right out of the box. Since an internal customization process can cause a lot of waste— particularly in discarded plastics and wires— purchasing ready-to-use custom extension cords helps you to do your part in reducing your facility's waste buildup.

As you can see, there are several benefits to using custom extension cords in your facility’s operations. These customized power solutions help to achieve a safe work environment, they’re unique to your facility's specific needs, they'll ensure your equipment is always up and running, and they help in reducing your organization’s waste. To learn more about purchasing custom power cords for your facility, contact StayOnline today!

Our in-house engineering team is available to help talk through your requirements and get you the cords you need. For more information about StayOnline’s solutions, please visit the StayOnline website to see how you can design, price, and order the exact cord you are looking for. You can also reach us by phone at 888/346-4688 or by email at