As technology continues to expand and develop, our reliance on electronics increases. Whether it's for our home devices, business equipment, or complex data centers, the role of power cords and connectors has never been more critical. The complexity of these small but vital components can sometimes feel overwhelming, but StayOnline has got you covered. As a leading power cord supplier, we are not only committed to providing high-quality products but also to sharing our comprehensive knowledge on the subject.

StayOnline believes that empowering customers with detailed product information is crucial to making informed buying decisions. It is with this commitment that we have created comprehensive resources, including the NEMA Straight Blade Reference Chart and the NEMA Locking Reference Chart.

Our NEMA Straight Blade Reference Chart is an invaluable tool when you're dealing with non-locking plugs and connectors. The chart breaks down various NEMA configurations, providing detailed visual guides, specifications, and information on voltage, amperage, and pole/wire grounding. You can easily understand the differences between similar-looking plugs and ensure that you purchase the right power cord for your device or equipment.

Similarly, the NEMA Locking Reference Chart caters to the locking plugs and connectors. This type of connector is designed for a secure, reliable connection, minimizing the chance of accidental unplugging, a crucial feature in settings where maintaining power is paramount, such as data centers or medical facilities. The chart provides a complete overview of the configurations, and specifications of different NEMA locking plugs and receptacles.

Together, these reference pages stand as a testament to StayOnline's in-depth knowledge of power cords. They reflect our dedication to customer education and our commitment to making power cord selection a straightforward and hassle-free process.

At StayOnline, we take pride in our extensive range of products, tailored to suit all types of domestic and commercial needs. From straight blade and locking power cords to international and hospital grade cords, our product catalog is as diverse as the requirements of our clients.

Yet, our offering extends beyond the products themselves. Our wealth of knowledge about power cords, underlined by resources such as the NEMA reference charts, truly sets us apart. We understand that every piece of equipment is different, and so are the power requirements. This is why we're dedicated to providing you with the resources you need to select the right power cord every time.

StayOnline is more than a power cord supplier; we are your partners in powering your world safely and effectively. Trust StayOnline to not just deliver the best products, but to supply the knowledge you need to keep your devices and equipment running efficiently.