Founded in 1888 by Harvey Hubbell II, Hubbell Incorporated is a company that manufactures electrical and electronic products for non-residential and residential construction, industrial and utility applications. Harvey Hubbell II was an inventor, entrepreneur and industrialist whose best-known inventions are the standard electrical plug and the pull-chain light socket.

Today, the company's products include plugs, receptacles, connectors, lighting fixtures, high voltage test and measurement equipment, and voice and data signal processing components. In February 2022, GE Current acquired Hubbell Incorporated's commercial and industrial lighting division, “creating a premier end-to-end lighting solutions business.”

Hubbell Products

Hubbell offers a variety of products to solve business challenges, increase energy efficiency, enhance safety, operate in harsh environments, manage wiring and improve grounding systems in and around building structures. Hubbell wiring components currently include:

  • Straight blade devices
  • GFCI
  • Miniature power connectors
  • Hospital products
  • Power quality products
  • Electrical switches
  • Lighting controls
  • Residential devices
  • Locking devices
  • Watertight devices
  • Pin & sleeve devices
  • Switched disconnects
  • Single pole devices
  • Stage pin devices
  • Temporary power and lighting solutions
  • Industrial connectivity and control products
  • Charging solutions
  • Hazardous location solutions

The Rise of Customized Wiring Components

Today, there is widespread use of complex machinery in nearly every industry. This has given rise to a need for more complex wiring systems. In order to run advanced machinery safely and efficiently, it is important that the proper wiring devices are used in the right places. When there are thousands of wires being used to connect devices in a facility however, it can become very difficult to remember connections, as well as to maintain, repair, and replace wires when required.

As a result, one of the things that industries are adopting is the use of custom assembled power cords. These combine multiple wires into a single encasing, so that there are fewer cables that need to be installed. This helps to keep facilities neat and organized. The use of wire assemblies also reduces the likelihood of accidents while keeping the wires within assemblies free from the risk of shorts and moisture.

Another major shift is in many industries adopting the use of customized wiring solutions. Today, companies can have their wire assembly and cable components customized to their specifications. In addition to such things as materials and wire gauges, customizations can include different connectors and lengths, and color to make identifying wires easy.

Some of the most common areas where custom wiring solutions are increasingly being used are marine applications, outdoors (RV), construction, hospitals and, of course, data centers. Advantages of engaging a custom wiring solutions manufacturer include:

High quality – A major difference between ready-made wire assemblies and customized wire assemblies is often the quality of wiring materials used. With a custom manufacturer, companies can order high-quality devices so that their wire assemblies and machinery can perform well, and for a longer period of time.

Ease of installation – Since customized wire assemblies are made specifically for the machinery and application in which they’ll be used, it is easier to install them as compared to readily available assemblies.

Saves time and money – With customized wiring solutions, the initial installation is simplified. When assemblies are removed for maintenance or repairs, they can be easily re-installed without wasting any additional time—which of course, saves money.

Cost-effectiveness – A custom wire and cable manufacturer can help a company design wire assemblies that not only fit their requirements, but that fit their budget as well. Selecting the materials, quality, and type of wire assembly for specific applications facilitate better performance, thus increasing cost-effectiveness.


For companies looking to streamline and/or tighten up wiring in their facilities and improve efficiency and safety, StayOnline can create any cable design based on Hubbell components and specifications. StayOnline can handle customizing materials, help create space saving designs, and provide cable requirements for all manner of industries.

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