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Small businesses that deploy enterprise IT systems are regularly upgrading their systems, from simple changes like securing their power cords to bigger changes like new software, hardware, and more. What should you be doing to upgrade your business IT?


Hardware And Software Upgrades

The two primary parts of any IT system  are the hardware and software. Of course, every part of your IT system is essential, down to power cords, but hardware and software take precedence.

How often should you upgrade your hardware? How often should you upgrade your software? According to the experts every few years.


Signs That You Are Behind The Times With Your IT

IT specialists know to look for certain signs to start upgrading their small business deployments. For example, if your employees are using better technology at home than they have at work, it is time for a few changes.

Another example is to look for signs of wear and tear on hardware and equipment. For example, if it is time to replace a power cord, why not replace it with custom cords or power stips that are built for your specific needs?

Other considerations include:

    • Does your IT still fit its purpose? Many businesses have had to make adjustments because of COVID 19, like having more remote workers, which affects their IT.
    • Has your business grown? Some infrastructure is scalable, which means you may not have to replace it but instead update it. If your business has outgrown your IT it is time for a change.
    • Efficiency. The biggest determinant is the level of efficiency you are getting from your IT. If your IT is less efficient than it was a year ago, it is time to consider upgrades.

To stay competitive in today's market across just about every industry, you have to have the technology that supports your business. Without the right up-to-date technology, your business will stall in growth and in some cases fail.


Start Small

Do what IT does, and start with the smallest denominator and work your way up. Little changes like custom extension cords, staying current with software updates, and investing in new equipment over time, can help to keep your business chugging along and growing.

About $1.3 trillion was spent in 2020 on technologies in the digital sector. Staying competitive requires that you stay on the cutting edge of technology.  For more information, you can reach us at 888/346-4688 or by email at