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What You Can Do To Make Your Cords Last Longer

Most power cords have two or three brass pins that connect to an appliance or a piece of equipment to complete an electrical circuit. Protecting those pins and the rest of the cord will ensure that your NEMA power cord is always ready. Let's review a few more ways you can protect your power cords.

Keep Them Dry


Moisture is the enemy of power cords. Keeping your cords in a dry, safe, spill-free location is the best way to prevent mishaps that can ruin the cord.

Avoid Overstretching Your Cords


Too much tension repeatedly on your Nema power cord can result in fraying at the ends. Overstretching your cord is the quickest way to damage your cord. Leave a little slack when you plug your cord in.

Make Sure The Pins Line Up Correctly


Jamming the cord into a device, appliance, or electrical outlet is never a good idea. Be sure the pins match up before you connect the cord to avoid damaging the cord.

Wrap Loosely


When you are storing your cord be sure to wrap it loosely and not bend it. Creating creases in the cord can wear down the metal wiring and cause fraying inside the cord.

Avoid Extreme Heat


Metal is a great conductor of electricity and heat. Keep cords away from heat sources. Cords placed near a heat source can be a fire hazard and, of course, the heat can damage the cord.

Do Not Leave Power Cords Plugged in When Not In Use


Do not forget to unplug your power cord when it is not in use. Leaving your cord plugged in can be an invitation to problems. Make it a habit to remove the cord from the outlet when you are done using it.

Invest In Good Quality Power Cords


Cheap cords do not have the staying power or the reliability that you want. A NEMA power cord can deliver durability and reliability that you can depend on. High-quality cords are a better investment. Instead of replacing your power cords every couple of months, you can get a cord that is built to last.

Taking care of your power cords is essential if you want to keep using them for years to come. Don't neglect power cord maintenance!  For more information, you can reach us at 888/346-4688 or by email at